Essentials To Be Included In An Employee Handbook

A great way to make sure that your business runs smoothly and successfully is through the relationship between employees and employers. Having a solid trust enables staff members to work well and be productive. One way this can be made possible is b

  • Actions dont always speak louder than Words

    “Actions don’t always speak louder than words” Your nonverbal signals won't always convey what you intended them to.  Maybe I feel more comfortable with my crossed arms,

  • Compensation and Benefits challenges in Asia

    As the economies of China, India, and the rest of Asia blossom, multinational companies are scrambling to set up their offices in these regions and make the most of the qualified and experienced local

  • Black Belt Projects of Six Sigma

    In any organization, quality control, especially of its output processes, is extremely important for its overall success and growth. Therefore, many organizations have started adopting the Six Sigma m

HR Administration
  • Forms for training & development

    Dear friends,   I need the following forms:   1. Training need assesment form; 2. Training evaluation form; and 3. Training effectiveness form. Also, can you&nbs

  • Did you live up to expectations and goals?

    I was often told by my manager, "If you have a good beginning, you are quite likely going to have a great outcome.”   I believe that if you are looking forward to

  • Buddy scheme / rewards

    Hi friends,   I am currently working as an HR Associate in an IT company and handle recrutments, payroll and Induction process. I want information about Buddy

  • Job search engines and Social Media

    I am collating information for sake of understanding the use of job search engines (Naukri, Monster etc) by the HR community - their value, their challenges, cost and  ot

  • How to become SAP HR functional consultant?

    Hello,  Kindly provide me information about how to become a SAP HR functional  consultant :   1. What kind and duration of functional experience is re

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Labor & Employee Relations
  • CSR a responsibility of HR?

    Description : Dear team,   When CSR was voluntarily done by the organisations, then the HR department was involved in such activities but since now when Companies Act 2013 made 2-3% CSR s

  • Query related to leaves

    Description : Dear All,   I have just started my career in HR in the service industry. In our industry, Mumbai Shops & Establishment Act is applicable. I have some queries regarding t

  • Treating national holiday as leave?

    Description : Dear professionals,   Recently, an employee raised a point that national holidays cannot be counted as a leave in case an employee prefixes and/or suffixes it with leav

  • Contractual Agreement

    Description : Dear colleagues,   Can anyone share a sample of the contractual agreement done with employees.    Regards,  Radhe

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Policies & Formats
  • Paid Paternity Leave

    Dear all,   I came across this article on paid paternity leave and wonder how many organizations presently have this in place in one form or the other.   Philips Indi

  • How to develop a diversity plan?

    Dear professionals,   Can someone on this community guide me as to how can we proceed to develop on the aformentioned subject?   Thank you,   Anchal

  • Policies & Local Regulations in North Asia

    Dear All,   Our organization is looking to expand business interests in the North Asia region, specifically in China, Taiwan and Japan.   In this respect, we would li

  • Paternity leave

    Hello,   I am in the process of amending HR policies of my company and thus  seeking to have more understanding about paternity leave in India specifically.   Do

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Health & Safety


  • Sleeping at work : Is it a misconduct?

     Dear professionals,    Sleeping at workplace is often treated as misconduct. But can we try to understand the reasons for such a behavior - whether is work r

  • Yoga - Way to Self Realization

    Dear friends, Yoga is defined as Wholeness, A way of seeing, of self realization. Yoga helps uniting our will with the will of God. Yoga enables linking all the powers of the body

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